Is Social Distancing Traumatizing Our Kids?


As families across the world get accustomed to remote working and schooling, the effect of social distancing on children is uncertain. Parents around the world are sharing how their children are adjusting to this new change in their lives, and it seems to follow the same trend. Take a look at what some parents have observed:

Separation anxiety affects children, even through virtual connections:

One parent puts it into perspective:

These observations bring up an important conversation about how our children will develop their behavioral and social skills during this unprecedented time. Toddlerhood is the most physically aggressive stage and marks the start of their ability to create peer relationships. At around the age of 5, they start developing close friendships that help children embody strong self-esteem and cultivate better relationships overall. Hindering this kind of development has scientifically been proven to lead to low self-esteem and poor mental health.

Is social distancing traumatizing our children? Only time can tell, but there are ways to combat the negative effects of isolation in children. Genuinely engaging with your children, encouraging them to be physically active outside, and continuing to cultivate their friendships over virtual means can ease the anxieties your child may be feeling. Read our blog post called “How to Talk to Your Kids About the Coronavirus” to see how to appropriately discuss this pandemic with your child. As long as children are continued to be supported, heard, and empathized with, you can continue to improve their developmental health.

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