You Won’t Believe What This New Alabama Bill Wants Sex Offenders to Do

jail prison cell and bars

Alabama – America is in the midst of voting for a law that would require some sex offenders to undergo chemical castration before they can be released from prison. Alabama’s state legislature passed a bill to Gov. Kay Ivey’s desk for signature. The legislation put forward by state GOP Rep. Steve Hurst, states, “criminals convicted for a sexual offense involving anyone under the age of 13 would be required to undergo chemical castration treatment in addition to any other penalty or condition prescribed by law.”

The law, which was sent to Gov. Ivey’s desk over the weekend, also states that ” it would require the criminal to foot the bill for the procedure, but also prohibit a person from being denied parole because of inability to pay.”

This bill has certainly sparked some debate: Is Chemical Castration Inhumane?

Whether you think this bill is a good thing and you would vote for it, or you are adamantly opposed to it, we here at KidsLiveSafe would like to hear your opinion. Take the poll below:

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