Homeschooling Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

While the uncertainty of this pandemic may be overwhelming, there may be comfort in knowing that every single person in the world is going through the same thing right now. While we may be forced into isolation, we are not alone in experiencing this unprecedented event. Even your favorite celebrities are juggling how to raise their families and maintain their careers when suddenly forced with the new responsibility of being a teacher and babysitter.

Some celebrities are not coping as well as others. Just see what some celebrities had to say about their new jobs:

Shonda Rhimesshonda

“Been homeschooling a 6-year old and 8-year old for one hour and 11 minutes. Teachers deserve to make a billion dollars a year. Or a week.”


Jennifer Lopezlopez

“Have you seen the math that they make the kids do now? It’s a new math. It’s crazy. And so half the time I’m like, ‘Ok. Yes, let’s look up that word. What does that mean?’ It’s been an experience for sure.”

lauren-conrad-main-insta-810x610Lauren Conrad

“Self-isolation with tiny people is no joke. Only a few days in and we are quickly running out of activities.”

Justin Timberlake1280jtsilas

“We’re mostly commiserating over the fact that just 24-hour parenting is just not human.”


While we can all agree that adding teacher to our list of responsibilities is not easy, some celebrity parents have seen the silver lining and gave some advice to those who are having trouble navigating this new normal:


Angelina Jolie angelina-jolie-brad-pitt-kids

“It is a lovely thing to discover that your children don’t want you perfect. They just want you honest. And doing your best. In fact, the more room they have to be great where you are weak, the stronger they may become. They love you. They want to help you. So in the end, it’s the team you build. And in a way, they are raising you up too. You grow together.”

Goldie Hawngoldie-hawn-kids

“Listen, our children are our greatest teachers. And you should be, as a parent, available to learn, because you don’t know everything.”

Drew Barrymore drew-barrymore-kids-1553710114

“It was the messiest plate I’ve ever held in my life to be the teacher, the parent, the disciplinarian, the caretaker…  I didn’t think I needed to respect and appreciate teachers any more than I did. I don’t know if there are good days and bad days. I think there are good hours and bad hours… I march in the army of optimism and I’m looking for recruits.”

Cameron Diaz158bdd88e28f23719eb0d9d9c99d1b29

“None of us know what’s going to happen, when this is going to end, [or] what the new start is. I’ve thought of a million things: ‘Are we going to move away? Where do we raise our child?’ All those things you think about. The best thing to do is to stay in the moment, just take care. Until there’s a vaccination we don’t know anything.”

Hilary Duff


“It’s exhausting. It’s so exhausting. You know, I have my days where I’m like, ‘Oh, I moved mountains and I deserve a medal.’ And then there are other days where I’m like, ‘How can I complain?’ We’re all healthy and we have a backyard and we have a pool. You know, it’s hard. I know a lot of people are getting judgments for complaining. You know, people that have what they need. I feel extremely appreciative.”

Whether you can find the silver lining in this situation or not, remember that we’re all in this together.

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