Easter Isn’t Canceled!


Easter will be a little different this year due to social distancing. However, people have gotten creative with ways to keep the spirit of the holiday without sacrificing our favorite traditions. Atlanta mom Brooke Peck has come up with a way to continue the Easter egg hunt. According to Peck, “I thought doing a spring egg hunt would be special because I knew that traditional egg hunts would be canceled due to social distancing measures. The continued canceling of social events makes our family sad so I was hoping this non-traditional egg hunt would bring excitement and joy to us and others in the community.”

Her rules are simple:

  1. Create an egg.
  2. Hang it outside.
  3. Go hunt for eggs in your community, making sure to continue to social distance.

You can visit her Instagram page more inspiration. Many communities across the country have organized their own social distancing egg hunts such as the Iowa Egg Council, who has provided their own printable egg template that you can color and hang outside of your home. You can make the eggs out of paper, cardboard, or you can even decorate your front yard with real decorated eggs like the ones below:

There are endless ways to get creative with this egg hunt. Coordinate with your neighborhood or town on Facebook, Nextdoor, or however you prefer to contact those who live around you. You can take it a step further and make it a competition with your friends by taking a picture of each one, and count how many you find! Just because we can’t gather together in person doesn’t mean that we can’t stay connected and celebrate our favorite holidays.

If you need more fun Easter ideas, make sure to visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/kidslivesafe. Have a happy and safe Easter!

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