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By now, you’ve most likely heard of the extremely popular smartphone app, Pokémon Go, the augmented reality location-based game that has fans who grew up with the 1998 franchise strolling down a nostalgic memory lane.  Read More

When Is Too Early To Start Social Networking?

Photo of mother working from home with a daughter

Today, almost everyone has a Facebook, Instagram or some other form of social media. Many people even have accounts on multiple networking apps and sites. Social media is becoming a bigger and bigger part of everyday life, so when should it become part of your child’s?  Read More

The murder of Nicole Lovell has recently brought a lot of attention to KIK. She was killed by two Virginia Tech students, one of them was supposedly romantically involved with the 13 year old. Read More

Kik 101 – What Parents Should Know

Kik named one of the 8 worst apps for kids by but what is KIK and what makes it so bad for our children?


On the surface KIK is pretty much harmless. It was built to act like a simple instant messaging service. Read More

In just a single moment, a trip to the park with your kids can become a nightmare. In 2015 there was 466,949* cases of missing children. Read More

Mapping Out A Safe and Fun Halloween Part 2

children curve faces in fairy costume on holiday halloween

We’re nearing Halloween and the excitement is thick in the air. For children, it means picking out one costume from dozens of choices. For parents, it means constructing a mental battle plan of “How to Keep My Child Safe 101.”

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It’s time of year again: crunchy orange leaves, comfy sweaters, and pumpkin spice everything. It’s a season of magic and Netflix that’s more commonly known as autumn. And you know what autumn means—trick-or-treat season!

We know that while your kids are drooling for treats, you definitely don’t want them to get tricked. So how can you protect your kids on the spookiest night of the year?

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School Security: Are your children safe?

A new technological device called the School Gate Guardian is being dubbed as “the next evolution in school security.”


Nine Connecticut school districts are implementing the School Gate Guardian into their safety measures. Read More

With the arrival of September comes the arrival of rustling papers, slamming lockers, and excited voices: it’s back-to-school season.

For non-parents, this means that roads may become more congested, and you may have to drive with more caution. For parents, this means that your home will be significantly quieter for about 40% of the day.  It means that your children are again venturing into the world to broaden their education. It also means that they’re more at risk. Read More

Jared Fogle CHARGED: From Subway to Slammer

Defining Stereotypes: What Does a Predator Look Like?

Last month, the public received a startling report: Subway spokesman Jared Fogle had been raided by the FBI at his Indiana home. The charges? We didn’t know at the time. Subway has since cut off any ties with Fogle and has scrubbed him clean from both the website and the stores.


Charges are now filed and Fogle has been charged with “travel to engage in elicit sexual conduct with minors.” Before this charge, the only information known was that he allegedly possessed child porn, after Jared’s Foundation’s executive director was arrested on federal child pornography charges this past spring. A few weeks later, incriminating texts surfaced, in which Fogle and a former female Subway franchisee discuss Fogle’s previous sexual encounter with a 16 year-old girl.

The most common reactions included “I can’t believe it” and “He never seemed like that type of person.” But the problem is this: what exactly is “that type of person?”

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In the age of “LOL,” hashtags, and emojis, the Internet is hardly a new tool. The world has seen a dramatic technological revolution, and the Internet has proven to be a valuable gateway to information and connections. But there’s a flip side; the Internet can also be pruned to become danger’s best weapon. Read More

6 Lessons You Should Teach Your Children at a Young Age


The topic of sexual abuse is sensitive and is often difficult to put into terms for younger children. Although it might be an awkward conversation to start, every parent needs to teach their children about the potential dangerous situations they may encounter. But how do you teach your child in terms that they understand? What is the most effective way to make sure that they can handle any situation or person that may approach them? Read More