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Big name brands such as Adidas, eBay, and Amazon find themselves in an advertisement crisis after their ads were featured on YouTube videos that gathered sexually inappropriate comments. Read More

On her flight from Seatle, Washington to San Jose, California, a pre-school teacher noticed a text-message conversation on a fellow passenger’s smartphone that left her heart racing. Read More

Riverside Guitar Center instructor Nathaniel Hernandez was arrested on July 27 for suspicion of lewd acts with a minor Read More

For parents, one of the biggest concerns regarding sex offender registry is that a predator may be living near their home or their children’s school bus stop Read More

It is the parent’s job to keep the kids safe and healthy… right? Read More

Criminals come in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and personalities. They can be anywhere, unsuspecting to those in their lives. People don’t usually think about that, but this disturbing idea came to light when 40 men were arrested in New Jersey for the possession and distribution of child pornography. Read More


One of the greatest issues society faces today is the abundance of violence and sexual assault on defenseless victims. People often see situations begin to unfold and think to themselves, “Oh I’m sure everything will be fine!”, or “Someone else will do something about it!” Passivity is all too common in the junior highs, high schools, colleges, and the world as a whole. Read More

Steven Dean Gordon, a registered sex offender from Anaheim CA, was found guilty of killing Kianna Jackson, 20, Josephine Monique Vargas, 34, Martha Anaya, 28 and Jarrae Nykkole Estepp, 21. Read More

Jacob Wetterling’s Killer Was Once A Victim of Sexual Abuse

Abused child

On September 6, 2016, sexual predator Danny Heinrich confessed to kidnapping, sexually abusing, killing and burying Jacob Wetterling 27 years earlier. He would later rebury the child’s remains in the same spot where he himself was molested as an adolescent. Read More

When you go to a football game, you expect to see hard tackles, loud fans, NFL star players in action, cheerleaders and perhaps even a mascot. But, football fans got more than what they bargained for Sunday morning at Qualcomm stadium during the San Diego Chargers and the Oakland Raiders divisional matchup. Read More

Is Your Holiday Vacation Childproof?

Family Sledging Through Snowy Woodland

We never like to imagine something bad happening in our lives. Particularly not during the holidays; a time for family and joy. But parents especially need to take necessary precautions to ensure their child’s safety as well as their own during this time of year.  Read More