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Halloween is a fun and memorable time of the year for families, and to help you have a fun and safe Halloween we have 10 quick tips for you and your family.

1. Accompany your children & family on their trick-or-treating journey. Adult supervision is always recommended for children 12 & under.

2. Always use crosswalks and do not cut across streets. 

3. Wait until you get home to open any treats or candy. A quick inspection of the candy and packaging can let you know if it has been tampered with.

4. Only visit homes that have a porch light turned on & never enter a stranger’s home for treats.

5. Use the buddy system. Trick-or-treat with a group of friends or family members for maximum fun and enjoyment.

6. Carry a flashlight and/or glow sticks to help with nighttime visibility.

7. Wear properly-fitting costumes and masks. Over-sized costumes and attire can present a trip-hazard.

8. Plan your trip ahead of time. Let your trick-or-treating group know what directions to take so everyone stays together as the night progresses.

9. Light up your house and arm the security system while you’re out trick-or-treating.

10. Avoid decorative eye contacts. Wearing “one size fits all” contacts without a prescription can cause irritation, pain, and possible infections.

BONUS TIP: Check your neighborhood for potentially dangerous homes by searching your ZIP Code for registered sex offenders and criminals. Tools such as KidsLiveSafe can help you map out the areas of your neighborhood that should be avoided while trick-or-treating.

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