Here’s How To Stay Safe During Spring Break

With springtime here, we can expect long days filled with flowers blooming and lots of fun in the sun. Not to mention, SPRING BREAK! While spring break is a popular time for family fun, it can also come with many complications. We’re talking injuries. Yes, lots and lots of injuries.

Serious injury to a person’s body is the primary cause of ER visits during spring break

But, it’s not only injuries that you should worry about. There are also complications from chronic illnesses that can land you or your loved ones in the ER. Also, spring– the season leading up to summer –comes with blistering sunburns.

While you can’t control everything and prevent all accidents, you can take steps to minimize the risks. So before you head off on your spring break getaway or start your staycation, consider the following safety tips:

Wear protective gear such as helmets and life jackets

Sometimes, preventing injuries is as simple as following the recommended activity guidelines, safety measures, and good old common sense. So make sure you and your kids are taking precautions while biking, hiking, fishing, sailing, etc.

Supervise children in your care

Kids should always be supervised around water. I repeat, kids should always be supervised around water. Whether in the bathtub, swimming pool, lake or the ocean, you should always keep a keen eye on them. According to the Centers for Disease Control, drowning is the third-leading cause of all deaths for children ages 1 to 4.

Don’t forget the sunscreen 

Although you may not think sunburns are something to be concerned about, they have landed people in the hospital before. For many families, spring break will be the first sun exposure since those Labor Day barbecues. So, it is highly recommended to wear a high SPF sunscreen and reapply as directed. For babies under six months of age, keeping them out of direct sunlight is probably your best bet- and don’t forget to dress them in loose protective clothing.

Don’t forget to pack your medications

Make a list of medications to take on your trip especially if you have chronic health conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, and asthma. Your meds should be one of the first things to pack. Keep this list easily accessible in case you need to replace any medications while on your vacation.

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