Pennsylvania Missing Teen Found In Mexico

Amy Yu, a 16-year-old teenage girl who disappeared after being dropped off at the school bus stop, has been found by Mexican authorities. Yu was found on Saturday in Playa del Carmen, Mexico with 45-year-old Kevin Esterly.According to Yu’s mother and Stacy Esterly (Kevin Esterly’s wife), the two were involved in a consensual relationship that neither one of them knew of at first nor ever condoned.

Initially, Yu’s mother, Mui Luu, didn’t think she had anything to worry about regarding Kevin Esterly. They had met the family at church and her daughter had befriended Esterly’s oldest daughter. She had no reason not to trust him, or so she thought. Amy eventually became so close to the family to the point of calling Mr. and Mrs. Esterly “mom” and “dad”. This made Luu question the relationship her daughter had with this family. She even confronted them about it, but they reassured her that is was normal for Amy to see them as “parent-figures” because of how comfortable she felt at their home.

But when she tried checking Amy out from school on February 9, she realized something was wrong.

It turns out, Esterly pretended to be Yu’s stepfather to be able to check out Amy from school whenever. According to official statements, Esterly checked out Amy a numerous amount of times without parental consent including 10 times between December and February.

At this point, Luu had authorities warn Esterly to stay away from her 16-year-old daughter. But, that clearly wasn’t enough for Esterly. Apparently, before catching a one-way flight to Cancun with Amy Yu, Kevin Esterly withdrew $4,000 from his wife’s account.

Stacey Esterly wasn’t at all fond of how close her husband had gotten to this teenage girl, according to her attorney.

“It was reaching a breaking point, which is part of the reason why Kevin ultimately took off with Amy,” he said. “Because he knew that Stacey was going to take more drastic measures with the authorities.”

Amy Yu is reported to be “safe and unharmed” and back home with her family. Kevin Esterly was arrested on site and is facing a felony charge of child custody interference once he arrives back in Pennsylvania.

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