Texas Man Arrested for Having Sex With Minor He Targeted Online

Gabriel Gonzalez, 27, of Texas, is facing multiple felony charges including “distribution of illicit material, production of child pornography and sexual intercourse with a minor,” according to a police statement.

MVPD detectives identified Gonzalez and, with the help of Sunnyvale DPS, the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force and the FBI, determined that Gonzalez was in violation of several state and federal laws.

Gonzalez’s involvement with the minor began when they met online, stretching back to July of last year. For about half a year, he pretended to be 17 years of age exchanging inappropriate content with the 16-year-old teen girl from Sunnyvale.

We want to take a moment to remind parents and teens about the need to stay safe while you are online.

During a police investigation, it was discovered that Gonzalez flew to San Jose last December to meet with the teenager. At this point, he took her to a hotel in Mountain View and then he flew back to Texas on New Year’s Eve. When the parents of the teen found out of the arrangement their young daughter had with Gonzalez, they alerted the Sunnyvale authorities. They handed the case over to Mountain View Police Department since the crime occurred in Mountain View, CA.

MVPD flew out to Irving, Texas to arrest Gonzalez at his home and bring him back to face his charges in the Santa Clara County where he is currently sitting in Jail.

KidsLiveSafe can help parents know what to look for to prevent predators from contacting your children and avoid something as terrible as this from happening.

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