How Parents Can Increase Online Safety For Their Kids

In 2018, the internet seems to be a double-edged sword- while it continues to evolve and open up endless possibilities, it also brings about new challenges. One of the greatest concerns regarding the online world is online safety especially when it comes to children.

Below are a few tips on what you as a parent can do to keep your kid(s) safe while they browse the world wide web.

  • Communication is key- talk to your kids about the dangers of the internet and establish a sense of trust between you and them when it comes to the online world.
  • Consider using kids search engines, which filter out inappropriate content, and or parental control software to have full control over how kids access the internet.
  • If your child is searching for videos on YouTube, learn about YouTube parental controls which will restrict access to certain content.
  • The best way to monitor your kids, however, is by supervising their online use and not allowing internet use without supervision.

But what about the kids? What can they do to practice online safety? Here are a few tips to consider summarized from Google’s Safe Search Kids search engine:

  • Do NOT give out personal information about yourself or your parents online without your parent’s permission. This includes your name, where you live or your telephone number.
  • Never agree to meet someone in person that you have met online. Tell your parents about anyone that is asking to meet you.
  • Talk to your parents first about pictures you want to post online, whether they be of yourself, your friends, or family members.
  • Be careful when discussing your personal problems with your friends online. It is better to speak to them in person. Speak with a trusted adult if you are struggling with something.

If used correctly and safely, the internet can be a wonderful tool for learning and communication amongst many other things. Click here to learn more about the dangers of the internet and how you can make sure your kids live safe.

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