A Tinder Experiment Exposed Pedophiles Grooming Underaged Girls

A group of university students from Melbourne helped put two pedophiles behind bars. They set up a fake online dating profile on Tinder posing as a 15-year-old girl as part of a social experiment 

Their charade came to end when police shut down their website but not before they were able to obtain evidence such as a recorded interaction between the men and the “underaged girl”. The students handed over a list to authorities with the names of at least half a dozen men who contacted the fake profile, some of which arranged to meet up with the fake teenage girl. As a result, Nicolaos Katsamas and Tobias Kilsby were both arrested and sentenced to two years in jail.

Interestingly enough, police do this kind of work all the time. In fact, they have people specializing in this area who work tirelessly to prevent the sexual exploitation of children online.

Detective Senior Constable Emma O’Rourke, from the Joint Anti-Child Exploitation Team said, “The Tinder Experiment did what police were already doing — just on a different platform.”

They portray themselves as children and are approached by pervs wanting to take advantage.


  • Monitor your children’s online activity, especially social media
  • Know their passwords and read any online conversations
  • Make sure they don’t “friend” someone they have never met
  • It’s not just girls that are targeted, so educate your boys about the risks


  • Report it to your local police station
  • DO NOT block the user as evidence has been lost this way before
  • Take the device to police

For more tips on how to protect your children online, visit Kids Live Safe.

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