YouTube Deletes Videos of Kids That Attracted Sexual Predators

Big name brands such as Adidas, eBay, and Amazon find themselves in an advertisement crisis after their ads were featured on YouTube videos that gathered sexually inappropriate comments.

YouTube–the online video platform–has made efforts to address the serious problem, which was brought to light by the Times of London. The Google-owned company, famous for launching the careers of some of the world’s best-known artists, has reportedly taken down about 150,000 videos featuring children who had been targeted by pedophiles in the comment section. Additionally, hundreds of users’ accounts were also deleted for posting “predatory comments on videos featuring minors,” according to a statement by YouTube that was released on Monday, Nov. 27.

The Times reports that some commenters went as far as attempting to make direct contact with the kids and that “many [videos] have gained millions of views by showing young girls filming themselves in underwear, doing the splits, brushing their teeth or rolling around in bed.” Now, keep in mind that YouTube does have age restrictions; users must be at least 18 years of age (or 13 with parent or guardian’s permission). But, these are not really enforced.

This scandal has unsurprisingly led to many more advertisers pulling out on spending on YouTube. But, more importantly, YouTube claims it has taken more actions to protect children using their platform and to terminate any content that may be deemed as “violence or sexual abuse”.

As a result, YouTube recently terminated more than 50 channels, including the bizarre yet popular Toy Freaks channel, and removed thousands of videos that violated its policies for “child-friendly content.”

Although YouTube claims to have “special flagging tools” to monitor and remove all “reported content” that violates their policies, we cannot be too cautious when it comes to keeping our kids safe. Why must they wait for content to be reported? What about the ones not ever reported? It seems that parents and guardians must take this matter into their own hands.

Learn how to assure your kids live safe on and offline, find out if a sexual predator is living near your family, create Emergency Response Profiles for each one of your children. At KidsLiveSafe, our mission is simple–to do everything in our power to keep your children and loved ones safe from sexual predators. Click here for more.



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