Young Skaters Show Heroism; Save Innocent Women


One of the greatest issues society faces today is the abundance of violence and sexual assault on defenseless victims. People often see situations begin to unfold and think to themselves, “Oh I’m sure everything will be fine!”, or “Someone else will do something about it!” Passivity is all too common in the junior highs, high schools, colleges, and the world as a whole.

Acting On Instinct

However, not in Calgary, Alberta, where four young heroes saw the signs of a terrible event about to occur, and took action to prevent it. These four young boys were skateboarding through a parking garage, and witnessed a man carrying a drunk young woman to a stairwell. After they courageously confronted the man, he claimed he was about to call the girl’s father to pick her up. It would have been so easy for those boys to just say “Ok, great, just making sure!” and then walk away. Instead, their intuition told them to follow the man and found him sexually assaulting that poor, innocent woman. They instantly attacked the man, restrained him, and comforted the girl until the police had arrived. These young boys emulate what schools teach about taking action, and protecting those who are unable to protect themselves.

Kids Have Courage Too

Yet another case of young heroism was illustrated in Tucson, Arizona, where 5 boys were on their way to Santa Rita Skate Park when they saw a woman’s body lying next to a restroom. They described her as lifeless, and they barely felt a pulse coming from her. Instantly they took action and called 911, but one of the boys decided that wasn’t enough. He knelt down and started giving her CPR, a technique which he had learned by observing someone saving his grandfather’s life. When the ambulance had arrived, the woman was awake and talking to the boys. She might not be on the earth today if not for these young men who didn’t just stand back and observe like so many of us do.

How many people would be alive and enjoying life if citizens didn’t ignore their social duty? How many sexual assaults could have been prevented? How many rapists and terrible people could have had justice imposed on them? Standing up for the defenseless needs to be a more abundant characteristic in the citizens of today, people need to decide for themselves that enough is enough, and resolve to take action.

The Plea

So my question to you is this: What would you do? What would your kids do? What would your peers do? The answer, for a lot of people, is simply this: Nothing. Hope someone else does something. Rely on others to rectify their mistakes. If you feel that this is an issue that you need to work on or to even teach your kids or your friends, I encourage you not to put it off. It is unknown when the next assault will occur, when the next defenseless victim will be taken advantage of. It is the ethical duty of every person to be there for their neighbor. The next hero could be you.

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