San Diego Chargers Security Guard Fired After He Was Caught Doing This

When you go to a football game, you expect to see hard tackles, loud fans, NFL star players in action, cheerleaders and perhaps even a mascot. But, football fans got more than what they bargained for Sunday morning at Qualcomm stadium during the San Diego Chargers and the Oakland Raiders divisional matchup..A security guard employed by Elite Security could face a misdemeanor charge for committing a lewd sex act in public.

During pre-game activities on Dec. 18, a woman sitting front row noticed the Chargers security guard, who was standing facing the crowd and only a few feet away from the team’s cheerleaders, acting inappropriately. The woman reports that when he tried to do it again a second time during halftime someone else noticed and yelled at him to stop.

Get your hands out of your pocket!

When her concerns about the incident went unheard by both Elite security and the San Diego Chargers, the woman took to social media.

Only after the graphic video showing the security guard in a red Elite Security jacket touching himself inappropriately in public went viral did she hear back from the company.

Elite headquarters locked their building’s front door in light of the incident going public and taped a note to the front that read:

“Elite would like to apologize to anyone who was offended by this isolated incident.” also posted a video of the incident on Instagram stating that this is a violation of “women’s rights” and a disregard for “public decency”. The online dating mobile app company also said that this type of behavior will get you banned from their site.

Elite claims that in their 20 years of service for Qualcomm stadium, never had they experienced anything like this. According to a statement that they released in response to this incident, this behavior was “not foreseeable” in the background screening process.

They also said that privacy laws kept them from releasing the individual’s name but that he has been fired.

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