Todd Kohlhepp: Confessions of A Serial Killer pt. 2



Upon his release for his 1986 violent crimes which landed him on the sex offender registry, Kohlhepp actually began to turn his life around, or at least it seemed that way. He bragged on social networks about his studies at Central Arizona College where he claims to have graduated with a degree in computer science in 2001. In addition to his studies in Arizona, he graduated from the University of South Carolina Upstate in 2007. He then went on to start his own real estate business TKA Real Estate in Spartanburg, SC.

What we didn’t know until recently is that this South Carolina realtor (a good one according to Sheriff Chuck Wright) had been wearing a mask all along.

The “impulsive” and “destructive” kid who was “preoccupied with sexual content” and who was “anti-social” and “self-centered” starting at a really young age was very much alive decades later.

On November of 2016, Kala Brown was found caged in a container like an animal on Kohlhepp’s property.   Police, led by Sheriff Wright, arrested Todd after hearing a bang coming from a shipping container and found Brown in it. She had been caged and tied in there for weeks, maybe even months.

Todd Kohlhepp, charged with only kidnapping at the time, was willing to talk but only under 3 conditions. Sheriff Chuck Wright had no choice but to make like a genie and grant him his three wishes.

  • to give his mom a “special” picture
  • transfer some of his money to a friend to help his or her daughter go to college
  • let him speak to his mother Regina Tague beforehand

What he confessed would shock everyone and bring closure to a tragedy that was once considered a cold case. A case involving a quadruple murder at Superbike Motorsports, a bike shop in Chesnee, South Carolina, that Sheriff Chuck Wright spent 13 years trying to solve.

To be continued…

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