Sexual Predator Todd Kohlhepp’s Confession Sheds Light On 7 Murder Cases



“Psychopaths do not just arrive as adults. They demonstrate behavior in their childhoods and especially in their teen years,” said psychologist Kris Mohandie.


On November 3, Todd Kohlhepp was arrested and charged with kidnapping a woman, chaining her up in a cage inside a shipping container and killing her partner in front of her.

Kohlhepp’s malicious behavior didn’t start that cold November night, however. His family reports that at a very young age he would show signs of narcissism and hatred.

As a kid, he locked another boy up in a dog kennel and rolled it around causing the kid to burst into to tears as he laughed it off.

He also once drowned a goldfish with bleach because he wanted a different pet.

As he grew older his violent behavior worsened. And on November 25, 1986, his true self was revealed…

Todd Kohlhepp lured his 14-year-old neighbor/classmate into an alley where he held a gun to her head. According to AZ police, Kohlhepp walked her to his home while pointing a gun at her the entire way there. He then pulled the trigger but the gun misfired. 

It all started with a call that Officer Cable received: the girl’s brother claiming his sister had been taken. Cable investigated and discovered something terrible.

The sister had turned up only moments after the officer had shown up at her house, but she was clearly shaken up.

I need to talk to you“, the girl said to officer Cable. She had just been assaulted by Todd Kohlhepp. After getting to his home, he forced her into his room where he tied her up and taped her mouth shut.

Todd Kohlhepp had kidnapped, assaulted and raped this 14-year old girl.  He was given 15 years in prison for the crime. He would be arrested the same month, 30 years later. I guess it’s true what they say: those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. What Kohlhepp did that November night was horrific, but that was only the beginning…

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