Kik 101 – What Parents Should Know Part 2

The murder of Nicole Lovell has recently brought a lot of attention to KIK. She was killed by two Virginia Tech students, one of them was supposedly romantically involved with the 13 year old. The Virginia Tech student Nicole was romantically involved with, had been talking to her using KIK. It is believed that Nicole wanted to go public with the relationship and possibly the reason why Nicole’s life was taken.

Going beyond Nicole Lovell the deeper problem with KIK remains. How do parents recognize and help their children deal with these new online pressures? How do you approach your child to talk to them about sexting and predatorsUnfortunately sexting among teens has become too common and must be something that every parents must address. So, where do you start?

1)        BE PROACTIVE – Talk to Your Child

Sure any conversation you’re going to have with your child about sex is going to be uncomfortable at first, but it’s better to prepare them for the future.

2)     Everything posted online is FOREVER.

Despite the fact that KIK messages can easily be deleted, pictures can still be saved and shared.

3)      Right vs. Wrong

Make sure your child knows that in the end they have to make choices for themselves.  They should know the difference between right vs. wrong.  Having open communication with your child and making sure that you are educating your child about the dangers of social media.

Being involved in your child’s life and keeping an open dialog can make all the difference in the world.  Make sure that your kids know you will always be there to listen. And that they know that it won’t get them in trouble but possibly help them get out of a potentially dangerous situation.


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