Mapping Out A Safe and Fun Halloween Part 2

children curve faces in fairy costume on holiday halloween

We’re nearing Halloween and the excitement is thick in the air. For children, it means picking out one costume from dozens of choices. For parents, it means constructing a mental battle plan of “How to Keep My Child Safe 101.”

So how can you really keep your child safe? For parents of younger children, it’s easier. They have no objections to your coming along and supervising. But the older your child gets, the more you hear “but Moooooooom, friends parents aren’t coming! Why do you have to come? It’s so embarrassing!”

Fair enough. So how can you keep your child as safe as possible without you tagging along?  First off, your child should never be trick-or-treating alone. Make sure he or she goes with a group of trusted and familiar people. And make sure they understand that no one should ever go into a stranger’s home.

For the technology-savvy, there’s an app that tracks your children. As creepy as it sounds, the app, SecuraFone, does sound pretty handy. The app “will load and instantly allow [parents] to see where the child is at any point in time from their phone or connected device.” It updates the child’s location every few minutes and allows the child to send SOS texts in the case of an emergency.

As an alternative, parents can choose to order BrickHouse Security’s Spark Nano 3.0, a free portable GPS device that your child can keep in a pocket or in a bag. It instantly tracks his or her location. A “geofence,” or safe area for your child to stick to, can also be created. Texts or email alerts will be sent as soon as your child crosses this boundary.

Also, make sure to use the Kids Live Safe app before you let your child start trick-or-treating.  The app helps you locate and map out sex offenders in your area. This way, you and your child can determine beforehand which houses they should stay away from.

Lastly, remember to keep Halloween fun. It’s not a holiday that’s meant to be covered in caution tape and protective gear. Here’s a tip to help make your kids trick-or-treating even better. Target has come out with an App to Find the Best Houses for Trick-or-Treating.    So if you want to find the best houses for Trick-or-Treating check out Treatster.  Have a fun and safe Halloween!

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