Mapping out a Safe and Fun Halloween Part 1

It’s time of year again: crunchy orange leaves, comfy sweaters, and pumpkin spice everything. It’s a season of magic and Netflix that’s more commonly known as autumn. And you know what autumn means—trick-or-treat season!

We know that while your kids are drooling for treats, you definitely don’t want them to get tricked. So how can you protect your kids on the spookiest night of the year?

TIP 1: Plan the costume.

Make sure your child can see clearly through the costume. Avoid wearing masks or any facial obstruction; instead, opt for face paint. Granted, the costume may not be as cute, but there’s nothing cute about walking into a pole either. Also be sure to put reflective tape or stickers on the costume so motorists and vehicles can see them. A flashlight and glow sticks are also good ideas.

TIP 2: Map out the night.

 If you have an older child, they might object to your coming along. That’s fine—just pre-establish where they can and can’t go. Parents are urged to check the Sex Offender Registry.  You can easily do this by going to Kids Live Safe. Agree on a curfew, so they’re not out too late. Establishing call-in times may also be a good idea, so you can be sure of their safety throughout the night.

TIP 3: Make sure your child is accompanied by either you or an older, responsible child.

Stranger danger is real, especially when anyone could be hiding behind a mask. Make sure your child stays on sidewalks and in driveways, and that they never visit homes where the lights are off. Never enter a home or go into a car for a treat.

TIP 4: Carefully examine their loot from the night.

Teach your child not to eat any candy until they’ve returned home. When inspecting the treats, look for and throw out any opened wrappers, unusual appearances or discolorations, tiny pinholes, or anything suspicious. If your child is young, remove any treats that could pose as choking hazards, such as gum, hard candies, or small toys.

And finally, remember to let them have fun! Halloween’s not meant to be a night full of restrictions. Make sure your child is safe, but make sure they’re having fun too.

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